Main, for 02

Preparation time 25'

Cooking time: 15'



For the Spring Rolls

  • 40g Dried Oyster mushrooms
  • 100g Carrots
  • 100g Wood ear mushrooms
  • 100g Vermicelli
  • 02 Eggs
  • Scallions, pepper
  • Rice paper, cooking oil, ...

For the Dip 

  • 01 tbs spoon Vinegar 
  • 01 tbs spoon Fish sauce 
  • 01 tbs spoon Sugar 
  • 04 tbs spoon warm Water
  • 01 Chilli 


  1. Clean the dried mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms and vermicelli, soaked in water 30' until fully expanded, squeeze the excessive, and chop finely
  2. Shred the carrots or slice into matchstick piece, and finely chop scallions
  3. Put the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, add salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, add the eggs. Mix well
  4. Use a sheet of rice paper to wrap one or two spoons of the mix to a spring roll. Continue until finishing the mix
  5. Heat cooking oil until almost fizzling, gently drop the spring rolls into the oil. To get the best result, make sure the rolls fully submerge under the oil
  6. Fry until the rolls turn golden evenly. Turn the rolls a few times if needed. 
  7. Once ready, take the spring rolls out, pat with paper to get rid of extra oil 
  8. Finely chop the chilli, mix well with all ingredients for the dip. It's possible to use lime instead of vinegar and extra chilli can be add to the taste
  9. Serve spring rolls hot with the dip