Fargreen Journal Corner: Run with me


By: Trang Tran

Happy New (Vietnamese) Year! Starting with this new Vietnamese year, we’ll be launching a journal blog series as a way of sharing our personal journey of running Fargreen with friends near and far. Here’s the first blog post from our founder and CEO Trang Tran.  

2018 marks the third year that Fargreen has officially been in operation in Vietnam. But for me, it’s the fifth year that I have worked with Fargreen. Five years may not seem like a long time for many people but for someone who started her first full time job just nine years ago, it feels like an entire working life. I still have this surreal feeling when recalling my whole Fargreen experience from the beginning. It all started from just a dreamy thought, and has now become an actual company with an actual team making actual impacts and earning actual revenue. It’s like a dream come true and more.  

Fargreen is growing really fast these days and every team member is spinning around it like crazy. This year, we are going from producing three tonnes of mushrooms per year to one tonne every month on average, quadrupling our capacity to meet the demand of our customers. The real life of an entrepreneur, as I know now, does not consist of just constantly working something new, winning business competitions, or getting prestigious fellowships - the things that fuel your adrenaline rush to help you crush victories in those early days. These turned out to be just icing on the cake. The real cake itself consists of endless days of dealing with bureaucracy, tedious bookkeeping, cash flow frustration and so many more things that I don’t think I ever asked for.  

All of a sudden, I’ve realized that besides joy, I now also experience boredom, pain and fear in living my dream. But looking inside, I can’t imagine any better work that would give my life such meaning and freedom. How can it all be possible? How can I sustain and grow my energy to push myself on this long, rough and sometimes boring-looking road when the supply of adrenaline rush is not always guaranteed? 

I’d been contemplating this question for quite some time until one day last summer I decided to try a new but rather boring thing: long distance running. I’d been always curious why some people were so crazy about running while it seemed to me just an endless repetition of step after step.  

I tried running and was surprised at how hard it was. I ran out of breath after the first try of… 500m! But to my surprise, after 10 months, I was able to finish a few 10k and 15k races and now I’m training for a half marathon (21k) race this fall.  

Running Trang.jpg

I was amazed at how I quickly I overcame the boredom of running and I actually enjoy it now. It’s all thanks to the friends and communities that I’ve found who have never tired of inspiring and supporting me at each milestone no matter how small. I might be the slowest, and we don’t move at the same pace, but it’s alright. We can all run together. And that’s really the fun part of it.

This realization shed a light in my mind on the question that I’ve been asking all along. It’s the power of community that I’m looking for to help build my own well of energy to survive this long road. And that is what encourages me to start this blog series as a means to stay connected with each and every one of you so that we can all support each other. I’m hoping as I take time to reflect and open myself up to share my journey with you, I will also hear from your own journey and learn from it. I believe that we can support one another so much just by sharing our own story. Just like with running. No one can run for you but we can support each other to keep running, moving forward to the next milestone. After all, that’s the joy and meaning of it, isn’t it? 

See you next time.