Postcard from Rome: Youth for Food Security Network


Last week, our CEO sat as a panellist at the Incubator event in FAO's Committee on World  Food Security, the CFS42. Trang was there to offer her insight, experience and advice to the young talents who presented their innovative projects at the event. We were proud that Fargreen participated in such an exciting event, as "as one of the six must-known startups in Asia", quoted by David Nabarro, UN Special Representative for Food Security and Nutrition.


Besides the honour, we found it educating and rewarding to hear from young people coming from all over the world to share their brilliant ideas in solving the world's food challenges. Meeting like-minded people was the biggest treat for us though we did enjoy the reception and the photo session afterwards.

All in all, it was an amazing experience considering what we've learnt, whom we've met and, of course, visiting Rome and FAO Headquarters.

Quynh NguyenFAO, Incubator, Network