Side dish, for 02

Preparation time: 15'

Cooking time: 10'



  • 150g Oyster mushrooms or Straw mushrooms*
  • 100g Minced pork 
  • 150g Tofu
  • Spring onion, flat leave chive
  • Oil, salt, pepper, seasoning powder


  1. Pour hot water over the mushrooms, leave to dry
  2. Mix gio song with minced pork, seasoning powder, salt and pepper. Make small balls
  3. Fry the white part of the spring onion in oil quickly, pour hot water into the pot, season to taste, lower the heat. Spoon the small balls into the pot gently
  4. Keep cooking for 05', then pour the mushrooms and tofu in, season again. Turn off the heat, add the flat leave chive and pepper

*If using dried mushrooms, soak the mushrooms in room-temperature water for 20' to 30' before cooking.