Keeping Life Green and Delicious with Midori, Fargreen's New Partner


Since the beginning of 2017, Fargreen mushrooms have been making their way from farm to table through Midori, a professional food supply service available in Hanoi. Each week Midori clients can customize a delivery of fresh produce that's carefully sourced from local sustainable farms, which arrives in a food box right at their doorstep.

The partnership was formed out of a mutual desire to unite high quality, naturally produced food with the health-conscious consumer in Hanoi, primarily within the expat community. But Midori and Fargreen were drawn together for another fundamental reason; to build strong relationships with those who are equally eager to drive the clean food movement forward in Vietnam while positively engaging with the communities that they serve.

So when Midori was invited to tour Fargreen’s Thai Binh farm in early May, they brought along their customers to satisfy their hunger for both mushrooms and for knowledge of where those tasty morsels come from and how they’re produced.

So, here’s some food for thought:

The fascinating truth gained along the tour is that the mushrooms are indeed much more than a delicious ingredient. They are the result of an incredible closed loop system of sustainable production that creates no waste throughout and provides a better life for the farmers, their families, the community and the earth.

Fargreen mushrooms begin with the most readily available substrate–rice straw, essentially a waste product typically burned after harvest twice a year. Burning the straw that's cast along the roadside affects the community environment and emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while direct burning in the fields strips precious nutrients from the soil and dries it out making the next crop less productive.

Through mushroom production, the burning is cut out of the equation and in turn the leftover substrate from the mushroom harvest is an ideal bio compost for not only the next rice crop but also for a variety of climate-appropriate veggies.

The Fargreen farmers’ land becomes more and more fertile and lush as does their income from the additional crops grown right on their own land.

Keeping in mind that we are what we eat, these are the kinds of environmentally friendly and clean products Midori sources for their customers. And Fargreen is proud to have products distributed by a passionate team who cares also about enriching their customers’ lives through hands on farm experiences to bring them closer to the food they consume.

source: Midori

source: Midori

They may have arrived as simply mushroom lovers yet left with stuffed bellies and full minds knowing there is so much more goodness to those little fruiting fungi than meets the eye (or stomach) and a worthy product to add to their Midori food box deliveries!

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