Duom Luu - The Fargreener of the year 2015


Duom Luu started her journey with Fargreen at the beginning of 2015. In just twelve months, Duom has done an amazing job to shape the production flow in Fargreen farms. Additionally, she has built a strong production team, which is sprinting towards the commercial launch of Fargreen mushrooms this coming spring. These are two of the many great things that Duom has contributed to Fargreen in the last year, and that makes her a well-deserved "Fargreener of the Year".

Born and bred in one of the many rice villages in Vietnam, Duom understand the farmers’ struggle to make ends meet. She always wants to help farmers to get out of poverty and somehow not have to do things that harm their health and others in order to stay the land. Knowing Trang through her last job, Duom has supported the idea of Fargreen since the early days when it was not yet a company but a learning project that Trang pitched at Colorado State University in 2013.

With absolute trust in Trang and deep-running sympathy with the mission of Fargreen, Duom made the move in 2015. Duom left the stable job where she had climbed the ladder for seven years and became the Production Manager of Fargreen - a startup of merely one year old. It's a career turn not without risk but truly comes from the heart and the desire to help more farming communities. For the last year, she has not only met and exceeded all expectations for the tasks required of her but also motivated others with her positive attitude and high level of energy. “She inspires the people around her to work with more excitement and enthusiasm”, Mai Truong, the admin assistant said, “because she is always being active and sharp.” For Fargreen, it’s been great because without Duom we could not have achieved so much so far.

Let’s raise a glass for our Production Manager, Duom Luu -  our "Fargreener of the Year".

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